Server Virtualization

Server virtualization is proven hypervisor technology that is rapidly transforming the IT landscape by addressing hardware proliferation and data center constraints-as well as easing management costs. Most servers-especially Windows based-are typically underutilized, and virtualization maximizes their usage.

What are the Current Trends in Server Virtualization? What Issues are Affecting Server Virtualization?

Advances in x86 server virtualization technology means servers will increasingly carry enterprise workloads, databases, applications and desktops. Organizations are looking for ways to move virtualization to production, integrate it with storage-as well as address overall virtualization operations and management issues. New virtualization technologies continue to open up avenues for integrating technical and business strategies at the data center level.

Where is Your Organization in the Server Virtualization Adoption Lifecycle?

  • Test and development or early deployment?
  • Application and platform virtualization?
  • Some virtualization of Tier 1 applications or services?
  • Strategic, enterprise-wide virtualization?


How Can Server Virtualization Help Your organization?

  • Improve asset utilization-extending time between refresh cycles while making migration less complex.
  • Reduce data center infrastructure costs.
  • Reduce cost of ownership for IT assets.


Best Practices for Server Virtualization

  • Implement constant capacity planning analysis for the server-as well as network and storage.
  • Review buying patterns and CAPEX via consolidation.
  • Reduce maintenance, environmental and human resource costs (OPEX analysis).
  • Integrate storage virtualization.
  • Use deduplication for reduced data protection costs.
  • Update BC/DR programs to incorporate virtualization implications.


Challenges to Adopting Server Virtualization

  • Lack of resources with skills to implement and manage a virtualized environment.
  • Unsure of future virtualization technology roadmaps.
  • Inability or uncertainty of integration with enterprise management software or other data center resources.

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