Platform as a Service (PaaS) can be defined as a computing platform that allows the creation of web applications quickly and easily and without the complexity of buying and maintaining the software and infrastructure underneath it. PaaS is a platform for the creation of software, delivered over the web.

Characteristics of PaaS from Adaptix


There are a number of different takes on what constitutes PaaS but some basic characteristics include:

  • Services to develop, test, deploy, host and maintain applications in the same integrated development. environment. All the varying services needed to fulfil the application development process.
  • Web based user interface creation tools help to create, modify, test and deploy different UI scenarios.
  • Multi-tenant architecture where multiple concurrent users utilize the same development application.
  • Built in scalability of deployed software including load balancing and failover.
  • Integration with web services and databases via common standards.
  • Support for development team collaboration – some PaaS solutions include project planning and communication tools.
  • Tools to handle billing and subscription management.

Types of PaaS


PaaS, which is similar in many ways to Infrastructure as a Service, is differentiated from IaaS by the addition of value added services and comes in two distinct flavors:

  •  A collaborative platform for software development, focused on workflow management regardless of the data source being used for the application
  • A platform that allows for the creation of software utilizing proprietary data from an application. This sort of PaaS can be seen as a method to create applications with a common data form or type.


Where PaaS Makes Sense

PaaS is especially useful in any situation where multiple developers will be working on a development project or where other external parties need to interact with the development process. It’s also is useful where developers wish to automate testing and deployment services. The popularity of agile software development will also increase the uptake of PaaS as it eases the difficulties around rapid development and iteration of software. Some examples of PaaS include Google App Engine and Microsoft Azure Services. As with IaaS, Adaptix is focused on leveraging the PaaS leaders to meet the needs of your business. Working with Adaptix to utilize a PaaS development environment can result in the creation of applications significantly faster than would otherwise be the case.

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