Server Solutions

Reduce Costs Through Simplified Management and Improved Performance

Today’s server environment is changing-open source platforms, web-based applications, cloud computing and virtualization technologies operate alongside traditional application delivery methods. Consequently, the x86 platform is taking on a larger and more important role in an organization’s application stacks. As a result, preserving the agility and disaster recovery capability of x86 servers must be a top-line business goal. Be sure your x86 environment is ready to take advantage of today’s opportunities and new technology. Maximize performance and minimize costs with Adaptix’s x86 solutions.

What is the challenge?

Once a cost-effective way to expand an IT infrastructure or data center, large colonies of x86 servers have now become a significant drain on financial resources as expenses related to total cost of ownership of this aging technology escalate. With IT management under pressure to cut costs in the short term, improving operating flexibility and performance are a top priority. But, many IT organizations simply do not have the time to keep up with rapidly changing technologies. That’s why finding the right solution provider in a crowded and ever-changing marketplace is more important than ever.


Business Impact

By building a more flexible and agile architecture, IT can support the organizational growth of the business. Addressing server sprawl can reduce power and cooling costs and improve performance-benefitting the bottom line.

Adaptix can help reduce complexity in your server environment while improving performance and flexibility, so that IT can better align with the business.


How Adaptix Helps

Driven by our independent, multi-vendor perspective, Adaptix provides a broad range of x86 technologies, solutions and services that help organizations across all industries assess, design, integrate and manage data center hardware and software-as well as virtual desktop infrastructures.

Our Services Include

Virtualization and Optimization: Server, Desktop and Application

Optimize your application delivery by using the right mix of technology.

Microsoft Services: Messaging and Collaboration, Advanced Infrastructure (Directory and SQL)

Evolve your messaging environment for disaster recovery and improved resiliency

How Adaptix Delivers Business Value Through x86 Services

Adaptix knows operating a flexible and resilient infrastructure is critical. That’s why we focus on proven methods to give you not only the best performing technology solutions, but also ways to increase business value. Adaptix brings years of experience and a wide knowledge of proven best practices to your x86 project. We’ll work with you to determine which solutions best meet your business goals for cost savings for the short-, medium- and long-term future. Then we will leverage our proven methodology to deliver those savings and infrastructure enhancements.


Adaptix related expertise is designed to ensure that your decisions will meet both operating and fiscal objectives:

  • Data Center Strategy, Storage and Security Infrastructure Solutions
  • Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Solutions
  • Funding Solutions

Virtualization and Server Optimization Solutions

Adaptix takes an independent, multi-vendor approach to give you an objective perspective on how a virtualization solution can improve your IT operations. We identify and address IT interdependencies to deliver a solution that will work across the enterprise to give you an optimized server environment. We do this through the following virtualization and optimization services:

Server Virtualization and Consolidation

Adaptix understands how important it is to maximize your current computing resources. Through capacity planning, proof-of-concept and economic modeling, we can assess your current environment and identify ways to improve performance while reducing cost. Leveraging our many years of experience, partnering relationships and technical expertise, we can design a low-impact migration strategy and assist with procurement and financing. Whatever your server strategy and objectives, Adaptix offers many ways to improve flexibility while reducing costs.

We also help server virtualization customers by the company we keep. Adaptix maintains strong partnerships and deep certifications with all of the major virtualization vendors.

Adaptix gives you a balanced and experienced perspective on server, desktop and application virtualization.

Desktop Virtualization and Optimization

Virtual desktop technologies offer a centralized desktop infrastructure to simplify administrative and management tasks, better control desktop security and data protection, and standardize your infrastructure. Adaptix methodology allows you to evaluate the numerous vendor options-including hybrid approaches-to make decisions based on your unique business needs.

Application Virtualization and Optimization

Our application virtualization solution can be a complement to desktop virtualization initiatives or a standalone method for application delivery. As with desktop virtualization, there are many products available. Adaptix knowledge and experience can help you navigate information to avoid expensive learning curves or costly missteps.


Adaptix server, application and desktop solutions can include any of the following services:

  • Financial modeling and justification
  • Platform and component evaluation
  • Proof of concept and pilots
  • Assessment, design. validation, planning, integration and migration
  • Solution validation in our Technical Evaluation Center (TEC)
  • Technical and operational health checks (one-time and subscription)
  • Security, availability and disaster recovery
  • Process, procedure and run book audit or development
  • Storage integration

Optimize Cost with x86 Solutions

Adaptix delivers measurable results that translate to business value and cost reduction for your infrastructure and operations. The key driver of all of Adaptix x86 services is cost and performance optimization-we help you achieve that through the multiple benefits of:

  • Immediate, short-term cost reduction (capital and operating expenses)
  • Leveraged infrastructure investment for cost avoidance and long-term cost reduction
  • Improved IT performance
  • Simplified management
  • Increased security
  • Clear business/financial outcomes

Platform strategy and architecture services include:

  • Hardware and software supply
  • Hardware reference architecture/standards assessment and maintenance
  • Lifecycle tactics assessment and maintenance
  • Operational audits (one-time and subscription)
  • Configuration and patch management, provisioning, capacity planning
  • Security, availability, and disaster recovery assessment
  • Process, procedure, and run book audit or development
  • Technical audits and roadmaps

Lifecycle Management, Reference Architectures, Management and operations, Platform Migrations

Adaptix team works with you to create highly competitive and highly valued solutions for hardware and software supply. We excel in helping customers manage their product lifecycles to keep cost of ownership down or assisting them in evaluating fit and function of technologies to specific business problems.

Adaptix professionals can help you plan the technical details for enterprise reference architectures, or analyze the useful life of your assets. We can also create technical solutions related to core operating disciplines such as configuration and patch management, provisioning servers, capacity planning, availability and recovery, access control and security and operations. Adaptix also plans and executes platform migrations.

Advanced infrastructure

Adaptix has many years of experience in large global assessments, designs and implementations, including large migrations of core Active Directory (AD), SQL and Microsoft Server technologies. We have specific expertise in directory consolidations and segregation for mergers and spin-offs. As a result, the companies we work with have achieved significant business results from simplifying and consolidating their environments.

Messaging and Collaboration

As a Microsoft Gold certified Partner, Adaptix designs and deploys enterprise-class Exchange and unified messaging environments. We have helped customers re-architect their messaging environments for disaster recovery, focusing on messaging as a critical tier-one application. Adaptix can also assist with assessing, designing, planning, validating and implementing Microsoft SharePoint solutions.

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