Why Adaptix Solutions Group For Your Managed IT Solutions?

Adaptix Solutions Group has a combination of state-of-the art software technologies, trained professional technicians and vendor-authorized service providers.

We can be your entire information technical department or we can assist your current technical staff. Either way, we can help you save money, increase productivity and increase the bottom line with technologies. When your network is up and running, your systems patched, your network secure and you have the Adaptix Solutions Group’s help desk behind you… that builds value.

Adaptix Solutions Group’s processes are key to success is our proactive approach because downtime impacts your operations as well as your bottom line. We can expose weakness on your systems and network before they impact your operations. With our approach of Maintain, Manage and Monitor, we keep your systems up and running at their optimal levels so you can focus on your business.

What is the process?

First, we meet with you and discuss your network, your systems and find out your pain points. Then you meet with our engineers and we put together a plan to address all your areas of concern. Once we have addressed those areas we then move into the ongoing processes provided by Adaptix Solutions Group.

Adaptix Solutions Group’s Maintain and Monitor processes are actions we perform on a regular on-going basis. These include but not limited to on-going monitoring and alerting of servers, desktops and network equipment, system patching, emergency patching, daily backup checks, backup testing, anti-virus monitor/checks, and regular reporting.

Our Manage process is on-going action for specific services or events. We handle Microsoft operating systems, e-mail to include Exchange, data backups, anti-virus, anti-spam, firewall, routers/switches, UPS, assistance with 3rd party vendor support, desktop management, printer/mobile devices, management of major applications, and more.

With the support of Adaptix Solutions Group, you are allowed to focus on your business which will grow your bottom line. Call today to setup a meeting.

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