Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) is a way of delivering Cloud Computing infrastructure – servers, storage, network and operating systems – as an on-demand service. Rather than purchasing servers, software, datacenter space or network equipment, you instead buy those resources as a fully outsourced service on demand. Generally IaaS can be obtained as Public or Private Infrastructure or a combination of the two. “Public Cloud” is considered infrastructure that consists of shared resources, deployed on a self-service basis over the Internet. By contrast, “Private Cloud” is infrastructure that emulates some of Cloud Computing features, like virtualization, but does so on your Private Network. Additionally, Adaptix can offer a combination of traditional dedicated hosting alongside Public and/or Private Cloud networks. This combination approach is generally called “Hybrid Cloud”.

Characteristics of IaaS from Adaptix

IaaS is generally accepted to comply with the following:

  • Resources are distributed as a service.
  • Allows for dynamic scaling and business continuity/disaster recovery.
  • Has a variable cost, utility pricing model.
  • Ability to include multiple customers/users on a single piece of hardware.

Where IaaS Makes Sense

IaaS makes sense in a number of situations and these are closely related to the benefits that Cloud Computing bring. Situations that are particularly suitable for Cloud infrastructure include:

  • Where demand is very volatile – any time there are significant spikes and troughs in terms of demand on the infrastructure.
  • For new organizations without the capital to invest in hardware.
  • Where the organization is growing rapidly and scaling hardware would be problematic.
  • Where there is pressure on the organization to limit capital expenditure and to move to operating expenditure.
  • For specific line of business, trial or temporary infrastructural needs.

Adaptix works with a plethora of IaaS providers out there from the largest Cloud players like Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services and Rackspace to more boutique regional players. We offer a variety of models to meet the needs of your business while being mindful of each provider’s ability to lead in this space.

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