Infrastructure Assessment

At Adaptix Solutions Group, we believe in getting to know you, your businesses and your processes. Once we understand your operation, we are better poised to help drive greater data center efficiency throughout your storage, network, and server infrastructures. We recommend strategies and best practices to close the gaps between your needs and your current IT infrastructure – ensuring you see greater returns on every IT investment.

Our assessment of your IT systems and services can aid in determining the condition of your organizational processes along with its ability to rise with long-term development. Our infrastructure assessment services help you in identifying problem areas and deploying solutions that enhance productivity and, subsequently, profitability.

If we find gaps between your business needs and your current IT infrastructure, we recommend best practices and solutions using the best-available options to close the gaps. Our goal is to help your business achieve both its day-to-day and long-term objectives.


Adaptix Solutions Group’s

evaluation techniques are aimed at:

Making you aware of technologies that have the capability to deliver a calculable ROI

Determining whether your existing technology is capable of standing up to the requirements of your organization and escalating security threats

Ensuring full utilization of your resources

Automating your manual processes for greater accuracy and speed

Identifying opportunities for increasing output and efficiency


Our IT assessment services end with providing you with an audience-specific and actionable report that suggests three stages of results in language suitable for technical managers, operational and executive teams.

Let Adaptix Help

Business objectives-and business issues-don’t exist in a vacuum. Adaptix identifies and addresses IT interdependencies to deliver solutions that work across your enterprise